Fiberweb Quack Anti-Marking Net

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When it comes to delivering superior anti-marking performance, nothing works quite like a Quack net! Quack nets repel ink like water off a duck’s back.

Remarkably ink-resistant, these nets stay cleaner longer. They reduce paper waste, delivering optimum anti-marking performance. Easy to install and long lasting, they repel water significantly better than other transfer nets. Quack Anti-Marking Nets are flat, non-stretch nets that lie flat against the cylinder. Vintage Quack Nets are traditional rippled, stretch nets that hang loose on the cylinder.

Benefits of Quack Anti-Marking Nets:

  • Stay clean and have a long usable life
  • Easy installation
  • Paper waste is reduced

Packaging: 5 nets per box

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Net Size

QA 33 x 53cm, QB 59 x 48cm, QF 117 x 153cm, VA17 Vintage Quack 33 x 53cm, VB22 Vintage Quack 59 x 48cm