Heavy Duty Lemon Citrus Hand Cleaning Gel

£12.54 (excl VAT)

This product harnesses the natural cleaning power of citrus oils and contains a mild antiseptic and lanolin to moisturise the skin and help replace the natural oils lost during hand washing. A good all round cleaner, the dual combination of grease dissolving citrus base together with a fine milled polythene bead gives an unequalled clean and ongoing protection for the hands. This hand cleaner is particularly effective at removing printing ink as well as grease and grime and will leave the hands with a fresh natural lemon fragrance.

Dispensers are available for this product.

Method of use

To achieve the best results:

  • Use as supplied
  • Massage a small amount into the hands until soil is suspended
  • Rinse away with water

Pack size: 2.5 litres