Tork 530 Premium Multi-purpose Cloth Handy Box 530.275(changed to 530.276)

£55.08 (excl VAT)

Manufactured by: Tork

Tork Premium Multi-Purpose Cloth 530 Handy Box.

ISEGA Certified for food contact.

Tork 530 is manufactured from a super lightweight material. Disposal costs can be reduced by up to 85% compared to mixed rags. The material utilises endless fibre technology for superior strength and durability resulting in a re-usable towel and lower consumption and cost.
Double surface technology – embossed surface for improved abrasion:resistance for cleaning jobs and smooth surface for wiping and polishing

  • Heavy duty wipes: for extended use and cost control
  • Blue for food traceability
  • Ideal as chef’s towel
  • Heat resistant for hot plates
  • Supports HACCP, your assurance of food safety

Tork product code: 530.275

For use in W7 System

  • Colour: Blue
  • Sheet size: 64cm x 38cm
  • 120 sheets per pack

Packaging: 1 cardboard dispenser box

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