Supreme Heavy Duty Citrus Hand Cleaning Paste

£14.93 (excl VAT)

A white, heavy duty industrial hand cleaner manufactured to a dense paste like consistency. This hand cleaner is the champion for grease, grime and oil removal.

The inclusion of organic powders used as a mild abrasive compound to provide extra cleaning ability that massages the dirt from the skin and the special surfactants and citrus cleaning agents emulsify the soil allowing it to be rinsed away.

This citrus hand cleaner contains good quality skin care ingredients and possesses excellent wash off capability. It will give unequalled cleaning results for the hands with the confidence of an antiseptic in use.

Dispensers are available for this product.

Method of use

To achieve the best results:

  • Use as supplied
  • Massage a small amount into the hands until soil is suspended
  • Rinse away with water

Pack size: 2.5 litres